kreativnost teambuilding delavnica

Teamwork 1, 2, 3

Team effectiveness, Team processes

At the workshop we will discover what makes an effective team, how it develops, what the pitfalls of teamwork are and how to avoid them.
We will also, discover who real team players are and in what ways can they contribute to the success of the team. 
The essences of good team function are trust and respect among members, successful communication, appropriate conflict resolving, proper division of team roles, setting up efficient processes and especially goal targeting. The goals, which has to be accepted by all team members is not only from outside forwarded number, but a combination of various factors, which must be properly understood and internalized by all team members. The key themes of the workshop will also be motivation and creativity to achieve a high performance of the team. By that is important the entire team culture and/or company, which consists of venue, norms and sense of belonging among all members as a whole unit. 

These are very important connecting elements between people in the team and at these workshops we will learn how to develop these elements. 

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