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Communication within the team 1 and 2

Team effectiveness, Communication

People are very different – we have different skills, personalities, ways of solving challenges and as well different ways of communication, which inevitably leads to conflict.
Therefore, for team members is crucial to know how to communicate well with each other. 

What are the rules of good communication and which communication skills needed to be developed to cooperate effectively with others are the key topics of the workshop Communication within the team. The workshop is highly practical oriented – The participants acquire the presented knowledge through practical implementation, which require an exceptional communication. The participants analyse each activity in terms of communication and for the conclusion they draw up an action plan for future successful interpersonal communication. Key themes of the first workshop are the basics of successful communication, communication model, the transfer of theory into practice through a variety of teamwork with emphasis on communication. 

The themes of the second workshop are the communication culture in teams, understanding communication distractions, development of communication skill and also feedback and conflict resolution.

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