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Strengthening team bonds 1, 2, 3

Strategic development teams

Connect your team through the practical workshop Strengthening team bonds.
The moderated team workshop consists of a series of active team and practical exercises. Exercises are followed by teamwork evaluation and comparison with the actual situation in the team. 

With the analysis of teamwork the participants helps the chart achievement, which is the basis for guided self-evaluation, for the progress review of team and for final development plan of team in the future. The workshop Strengthening team bonds consists of four workshops. Their focus is on the team as a unit and on individual, his role in the team and its relationship with other members and entire team. The workshop contains active and practical exercises that help the individual and the team to analyse, understand their place and find recommendations for a successful teamwork in the future. The essences of good team function are trust and respect among members, successful communication, appropriate conflict resolving, proper division of team roles, setting up efficient processes and especially goal targeting. 
Experiential learning: The workshops are based on the principles of experiential learning and are very practical. Participants acquire the presented knowledge through practical implementation, which allows faster understanding and internalization of that knowledge.

Modular system designs: Strengthening team bonds represents a series of moderated team workshops that enable monitoring the progress of the team and long-term development of teamwork.

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