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Highly effective teams

Leadership and management teams

Leading the Highly Effective teams does not happen "per se".
It takes well planned approach and a great deal of “thinking forward” of the leader, who needs to be well equipped with various competences to successfully lead through the challenges of everyday work. Therefore, the success of the team is to a large extent a mirror of its leader - a good leader knows when, to what extent and in which way his/her presence in the team is optimal. The goal should be always at sight – achieving and maintaining a highly effective and ever improving team performance.

This workshop will help you to get to know the methods for successful management of your team as well as the specifics of the various models of management. Apart from understanding the different models of leading, you will learn also about the psychology of motivation and key management techniques to motivate team members. The role of the team leader highly depends on the different stages of the development of the team. Therefore, Teambuilding Academy developed a model “Focus management based on the team development stages”. This model is aimed for understanding the priorities of leaders in each of the stages and actually knowing how to work with it efficiently. During the workshop, we also set up a personal development plan of the involved leaders in order to raise their managerial competencies. 

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