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Synchronization of management teams

Leadership and management teams

As a management team how can we operate more successfully?
For the company it is essential that the entire management team is synchronized, because only in this way it can be efficient and effective. 

Therefore it is important that managers understand the principles of teamwork and consider them in their daily work not only with employees but also with their colleagues in the same position, with other managers. The workshop is designed modularly and is intended to synchronize and strengthen the bonds of the management team, so it can function in harmony and solve current challenges constructively. It consists of a series of active, complex and practical team exercises, where team members build on their already acquired knowledge. Exercises are followed by self-evaluation of the teamwork and by comparison with the actual situation in team. Workshops are based on the principle of experiential learning and are practical oriented. They allow synchronization of team management, efficiency analysis of teamwork and monitoring the team progress and include a long-term plan for the teamwork development and various fields. It is recommended that workshops are carried out repeatedly and systematically to endure a maximum progress. 

Workshops can highlight a certain key topic in the teamwork field (communication, project management, motivation...).

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