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Leading the team in the first 100 days

Leadership and management teams

How to best use the first 100 days of management for a successful team function in the future?
The main topics of the workshop Leading the team in the first 100 days are the facts that the leaders as well the members of the newly-installed team should not overlook. 

The first 100 day in a new team are as well for each leader and as for all its other members a great opportunity but also a big challenge. the first actions and relationships are the key for further work with the team and often decide on what will the future team dynamics and team success be. The main addressed topics are the coordination and manifestation of goals, setting the ground rules and the culture of teamwork, how to get to know the members and raise the level of confidence in the team. The biggest challenge at the beginning for team managers is what the team in terms of group dynamics and team conflict can expect in the first three months of its functioning and after that. 

An active moderation in the workshop is working on a particular team and the participants of the workshop and adapts to their needs and wishes.

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