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Modern teambuildings are far away from what they used to be just a couple of years ago. What drastically changed is the added educational part, which today represents their essential part. However, even with the added educational note, they still remain entertaining and fun – in order of achieving willingness to participate and gaining buy-in of participants. This makes teambuildings typical edutainment programs.

The purest forms of edutainment are interactive workshops, where participants learn through active participation in various teambuilding exercises that end with self-analysis of their teamwork. Lately, edutainment also comes in a form of attractive events for larger groups. What especially attracts and retains the participants' attention and willingness to learn is a great and memorably story behind the event. Combined with a great scenography, audio, video and other hi-tech equipment, any story can become vivid and alive. 

One of the most vivid trends, following the edutainment concept in teambuilding industry is combining complex and innovative teambuilding activities with various business events (strategic seminars and conferences, cycle meetings, New Year parties, Summer picnics) where education can be present in a form of involving and exposing corporate and/or brand messages, values or even company’s vision. Upgrading a traditional corporate event into an active teambuilding with an educational note behind brings on one hand higher satisfaction to the attendants, since they see an additional value in the event and on the other hand makes it possible to save money by combining budgets of Marketing, HR, Training or Corporate Communications departments, since more corporate objectives can be achieved at the same time. 

What makes teambuilding a great corporate learning event?

Years of experience in organizing large teambuilding events taught us that the event cover story is of highest importance. It needs to connect all the team-based activities into one big coherent whole. May it be Chinese philosophy, Rock’n’roll, Secret agent mysteries, etc. – the story represents the main red thread which intrinsically motivates the attendants to play a role in it. Combined with great scenography, audio, video and other hi-tech equipment any story can become alive. When attendants turn into painters, detectives, archaeologists, musicians, designers, movie makers, etc., it is quite simple to teach them anything we might set as a learning objective, no matter how hard it is.
The magnitude of the event is, of course, always based on an event budget. The program’s creativity is limitless – budgets aren’t. The main objective in these tough economic times is to carry out an unforgettable and high quality learning event with the lowest possible budget. This is one of the main areas where a professional teambuilding agency, such as ours, can help you.

Edutainment Case Study: The Art of War

A good example of a modern edutainment teambuilding event is The Art of War. It is an active and strategic teambuilding activity with an attractive, educational, but still entertaining story, backed with supreme scenography. The goal of the event is to find the wisdoms of Sun Tzu through series of fun and active teambuilding exercises and apply them in a modern business world. 

Sun Tzu is an ancient philosopher, strategist and general. He put down his wisdoms, called stratagems, in a famous book The Art of War. Participants apply his strategic wisdoms in the challenges they are facing in everyday business environment. Considering the philosophy behind the Sun Tzu’s stratagems, the end results of the event are out of the box and very practical business solutions. The Art of War is a dynamic program, appropriate for any number of participants and different industries, as it is personified and flexible in terms of stratagems selection, length of the event, scenography and the image we want to convey to participants. The goals of the program range from fostering team work and communication, networking, strategic thinking, creativity and innovativeness, to more specific ones, depending on the structure of the group and objective of the client.

The benefits of The Art of War as seen by our client:
The Art of War is a very comprehensive programme that works very well in embracing strategic thinking, adopting the change, understanding how to play in order to win, and adopting leadership positions during the different challenges that the enterprises faces today. It helped my team to understand, based on the very ancient principles, that the strategy of a combat in very ancient times, and strategy in business today, correlate very well, and that a lot of this knowledge can be applied when trying to lead the organisation to success.
Rodrigo Fernandez – Astra Zeneca UK

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