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Boom Time

Energize & Network

Activate participants and create a harmony of sounds in a whole different way!
Combine lots of people with lots of tubes and you have the perfect ingredients for a whole lot of fun — and a great demonstration of teamwork in action! This contagious icebreaker brings a colourful, fast-paced orchestra engaging and uplifting spirit into any conference room. It is a true energizer for everyone. Real music and team harmony can be created within minutes. The 'instruments' are brightly coloured plastic tubes which you can whack against anything and they produce a note! Boom Time is an effective way of igniting teams and energising a conference.

Key Business Benefits:
  • Networking and establishing relationships
  • Energizing and uniting teams
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • High energy and fun

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