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Mission: Impossible


The trill, the drama, chills on your back, the shock, the drive for survival – are you ready?
It's "The Code: Top Secret" on steroids. The story and the scenery transforms your world into a parallel universe of spies, secret agents, survival tactics, insane time limits, hackers and tech freaks. A competitive company stole an item which is crucial for the survival of your organization. You are cornered. Courage and determination of the participants is something you cannot miss this time or else ... The training prepares your people to become secret agents with the senses of a wolf and the eyes of a hawk. The masterminds behind the crime are not going to give you a break. What are your chances to conquer the vault of the vicious competitors?

Key Business Benefits:
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Brand awareness
  • Communication between teams
  • Stress/Change management
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Networking and establishing relationships
  • Presentation and rhetoric skills

New skills

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