team building communication komunikacija top secre

Code: Top Secret

Active & Fun

A team adventure full of secrets and twists. Not to mention the use of really cool detective gadgets.
You were notified by the Interpol about the danger that threatens the world. Information is scarce. You activated your best agents and sent them to the location. Will they manage to solve a series of complex team tasks to break the code of the safe which holds the only salvation for humankind? You will need all the detective skills you can get from your detectives; this is why the contribution of each individual is crucial. What more can we add …? Maybe we can just wish you good luck! (A hint: in the most intense moments laughter can help reveal the most hidden agendas.)

Key Business Benefits:
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication between teams
  • Stress/Change management
  • High energy and fun
  • Creativity and innovativeness

New skills

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