Implementing the New Visual Identity With Team Building Activities - This Time in Frankfurt

| 05. December 2015
In order to assure the most efficient integration of novelties into the business are the multinationals due to their complex organizational structure and geographically various places. This was the case of one of the big multinationals in the field of medical equipment operating in 33 countries all over the world. Their goals was to introduce to the network the new corporate visual identity and corporate messages in the most motivating manner and at the same time strengthen the team bonds of the middle management members. We have cooperated with the company on two levels. Firstly, we prepared for them a content oriented teambuilding activity at their international meeting in Frankfurt for 250 members of middle management from the whole world, namely “Flat out: Pyramid”. The event program resulted in a huge pyramidal structure which showed the power of good teamwork incorporating the new visual identity. More about the event itself you can read here. Second teambuilding was more focused on regional teams of Slovenia and Croatia. Smaller teams of 20 people each therefore participated in an active team exercises called “Team beam”. Participants have enjoyed a great deal of team spirit and the feedback show that the right combination of brainy and motivating as well as fun games are the best building blocks of highly successful teams.

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