Catalyst Global Conference 2015

| 10. November 2015
The conference brought together 40 of the world’s best team building companies, including us, representing 60 countries under the conference slogan “2020 Vision — Our Future", Our Network”. 

The conference was a chance for participants to network and share best practises, discuss ways of leveraging the power of the Catalyst Global network towards 2020; it has also set the grounds of important changes for the teambuilding industry worldwide. 

A key theme for the conference was Corporate Social Responsibility and the power of giving. The keynote speaker was Paul Dunn from B1G1, an organisation which helps small and medium sized businesses achieve more social impact by embedding activities in their everyday business operations. We will present more about our role in the organization B1G1 in the next newsletter and on the webpage shortly.
Read the press release on the Bangkok conference of Catalyst Global and check the gallery here 

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