Cakes, team work, Budapest and Middle East

| 09. October 2015
Well, exactly this was awaiting more than 100 employees of the Egyptian branch of pharmaceutical multinational corporation. At the networking part of the conference, we prepared the program "The amazing cake off", where the task given to smaller teams was to incorporate the ambitious slogan of the conference into the cake that would represent it the best. Both, the conference and the activity, were both very precious to observe, especially because of the quality of cooperation of the different nations of the Middle East as well as among the men and women (there were only 18 women in the whole group). All of the participants showed amazing harmony and interest in the team cake decorating, they were really creative and their masterpieces exceeded the expectations of the jury. So, the judges were not only impressed by the cakes, but as well by the good atmosphere of the crowd and the respect of individuals towards the team spirit. The multinational has clearly done a good job incorporating the team work for business success of the whole company!

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