"Bridging the Divide" in Milan to Boost Negotiating Skills, Thorough Understanding and Effectiveness

| 29. January 2016
Teambuilding Academy trainers this time visited Milan where they executed a team building event "Bridging the divide" in cooperation with our partners BlueHatGroup. We prepared the activity for the group of 80 coworkers of the renown pharmaceutical multinational company. 

The aim of the event was to boost the networking among the participants in order to achieve better communication between them and also understanding of different departments in the supply chain of their company. In many cases, the challenge of big companies is exactly to ensure the high quality communication and constant understanding of different requirements among departments. This is especially important for the workers of the departments at the both ends of the supply chain who rarely come into direct contact. 

Team building activities such as "Bridging the divide" are therefore a splendid tool which help participants to connect and learn about each other through fun and amusement in no time. 

"It is nice to see a great deal of fun participants have during the activity which in the same time enables a lot of conversations and results in better connections among them. Also, we could see that activity triggered insights and a deeper understanding among the participants about the different operations and specific jobs in the supply chain. Consequently, this will help them to be more coherent and more effective all together." (Ana, the trainer)

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