Big Picture for Leaders in Zürich

| 20. February 2016
In line with the quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” conferences and other corporate events are a perfect opportunity to imbue the key messages in a special way – in a large scale drawing. This time our participants, who decided they want to make such a remembrance, were the coworkers of the pharmaceutical multinational and the occasion was the 10th anniversary of their Leadership program. 

Armed with brushes, paint, few information and no idea what the image will be, the teams worked with each other to ensure lines meet and colors match having in mind the final goal.

The end ceremony, when the masterpiece revealed the story behind each of the canvases, was again a marvelous experience for everybody. 

With the Big Picture program the importance of teamwork, cooperation and communication becomes vital and strengthened through the lighthearted process of painting. 

zurich v novici

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