Teambuilding Academy hosted Catalyst Global - Eurozone meeting 2017

| 18. July 2017
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Last week, our offices in Ljubljana seemed to be slightly more quiet than usual. Our team was hosting Catalyst Global - Eurozone meeting 2017 at Bled, Slovenia, sharing and exchanging knowledge, practices and challenges with our partners from more than 21 countries. 

In 2017, we're celebrating 5 years of partnership and cooperation in global network Catalyst. Catalyst Global is an international network, connecting companies and experts with years of experiences in organizing and moderating team building programs and events. We are creating unique, creative and active products, improving and upgrading them, with the main goal of strengthening team bonds and encouraging cooperation in various companies. Teambuilding Academy has been the exclusive provider of Catalyst programs for Slovenian and Austrian market since 2012. In order to keep our performance at the highest level, connecting with our partners and exchanging good business practices is always appreciated. 

The conference program consisted of presentations, case studies, debate and workshops. Best Sales and Marketing initiatives workshop was moderated by director of Teambuilding Academy Dani Polajnar, one of the most respected and recognized coaches in the network. Participants had to work in teams, implement and present their ideas and visions with Dani's guidance and assistance. All combined with best features of team work.

We were pleased to host the conference on a location that was stimulating and motivating environment for gaining knowledge, shaping up our skills, brainstorming and connecting with partners, not only from Europe but also from South Africa, Tunisia, Dubai and Israel.

After three days at Bled, we're back in our offices, full of new ideas, opportunities and fresh verve. Stay tuned, the results will be visible in autumn.

"Does it seem impossible? Maybe it does. But that does not mean it is," summed up Guy Baker, CEO and co-founder of Catalyst Global. 

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