In 2011 TBA received a prestigious award ‘Constantinus Slovenia’ from the Chamber of Management Consulting of Slovenia (ZMCS) for the advisory project Transformation for well-known global company.

| 19. December 2011

Constantinus Slovenia is the award for best advisory project, which was this year awarded from ZMCS for the first time and is part of the internationally recognized awards Constantinus International. TBA was awarded for the consultancy and implementation support in the management and guidance of soft factors in the merger of three separate branches of different countries in the new company.











ZMCS would like to take this year's first award ceremony Constantinus Slovenia to encourage consulting firms that will be with their projects, to reach a level of excellence and to be with such projects competed for the award Constantinus Slovenia or Constantinus International. Constantinus Slovenia award is open to projects in the field of management consulting in the broadest sense of the term. The nominations of the project must be agree from the consultant who carried out the project, as well as the customer project.
































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