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Dear all, I would like to give you quick feedback concerning our team activity on March 20th

It was great! Very professional, from beginning to the end: Including the pre-work, before and during the activity, finalization and reveal of the big picture.. everything was really great. We professionally were able to connect the team activity with our company goals. Žiga was especially very very good. He was able to manage the 40 noisy and chaotic! People were very professional, really warm and full of energy, perfect English and a very good attitude. Really good job!

Again, thanks for the professional work and looking for next year!

Yusuf Göksel, NovartisRegional Supply Manager 

"The event was very well organized and your team was perfect. Our colleagues enjoyed the program very much."

Mazda CSEE
"I have received really great feedback about the Big picture event!  I thank you and the Event Team again for your partnership and collaboration. I'm still impressed that in a very short period of time you all made this event such a success!" 
Susan Bisco-Anderson, Director, Global Operations Leadership Development
Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain Talent Management

"My team had a great number of meetings of our company, where we actively participated, but I have to admit that Crescendo, organized by Teambuilding Academy, left us with one of the biggest impression. So many elements fitted together just perfectly in such a small amount of time, we really didn't expect this. Event is extremely amusing and engages the full attention of everybody, without exception. It even gives an opportunity to find undiscovered talents our team has, but we were not aware of, and at the same time enables synchronization of team members and focus on the common goal. In any case, this event leaves you with a good after-feeling that each participant – besides having great fun – also learned something new."
Senka Silov, CRM/Marketing Support
"Bridging the divide contributed to strengthening team bonds between participants and to having great fun. At the same time participants could observe, how important is input of each individual for a success of a common project. High engagement of everybody enabled that the final bridge indeed was very solid. Thanks to Teambuilding academy for unforgettable experience!"
Polona Vodnik, human resource manager

"Many thanks to you and your team for the perfect preparation and organization of the Big picture event. The participants really enjoyed the event. It really was a pleasure working with you and we will definitely recommend you and your team to our HR colleagues and get back in touch should we plan another teambuilding activity."
Stephanie Wittmann
Delfortgroup AG

"'I can assure you that we were enthusiastic, pleased, positively surprised, moved – the Crescendo event brigs out plenty of positive emotions, which at the end connected us even more as a great team. I want to thank you for professional execution; working with you is a pleasure and each time a great new experience. Keep up the good work!''
Simona Klopčaver
" The TeamBuilding academy has been a great partner for CP - proactive, flexible and really available. I had the feeling that they were really taking care of our activity with strong passion to pursue a great final result. 
I particularly appreciated the intention to integrate our brand messages iin the teambuilding event and in the same time keeping the activity not too complex and enjoyable for the participants." 
Angela Lillo 
Global Associate Marketing Manager CPW
Nestle & General Mills joint venture, 
"The Art of War is a very comprehensive programme that works very well in embracing strategic thinking, adopting the change, understanding how to play in order to win, and adopting leadership positions during the different challenges that the enterprises face today. It helped my team to understand, based on the very ancient principles, that the strategy of a combat in very ancient times, and strategy in business today, correlate very well, as well as that a lot of this knowledge can be applied when trying to lead the organisation to success." 
Rodrigo Fernandez,
Country manager - Astra Zeneca
"High professionalism, “can do” attitude, enthusiasm, high engagement and positive energy are the words that describe TBA. Outfit7 has been working with TBA for the last five years (two team buildings a year). During this time period we grew from 20 to 200 and it doesn’t seem it makes any difference for them. Every single team building is the best, not better, just simply the best. Our employees get a quality time to know their colleagues better in a relaxed and positive atmosphere, sometimes even competitive. Our relationships strengthen during team buildings and that’s our first objective." 
Iza Login, Outfit7, Deputy CEO
"We have started working with Teambuilding Academy in 2010 and we implemented together the project "Organizational Culture". This was the moment when the 'new Tobacco company" was born. Each employee was able to open up and share her or his opinion about how it is to work for their employer. Based on that we defined our values and also key projects that were later successfully implemented. Many thanks to Dani and his trainers for an excellent job! If you also wish to raise the level of the organizational culture in your company, then Teambuilding Academy is the right team to help you to achieve this." 
Monika Teran, Imperial Tobacco, Head of HR Slovenia

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