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About us

In TBA, Teambuilding Academy we specialize in high quality training and teambuilding events for teams of different sizes. We focus on business teams, which on individual level as well as a group need to be top performers, in order to keep the competitive edge in the challenging economy of today. Our mission is to help people learn, how to work better together. 

Why we do what we do?
We strongly believe and also constantly prove, that taking care of the "well-being" of teamwork is essential for success and top performance of companies. It's simple - coherent teams are more productive and that equals more money. 

Therefore, our aim is to use our knowledge and experiences to empower teams and teach people, how to work better together.

Our assortment ranges from professional trainings, workshops and seminars (TBA Trainings), to specialized solutions regarding teamwork, leadership and organizational culture (TBA solutions), to innovative and creative teambuilding events (TBA events). 

Our main advantage is combining these activities according to the given challenge into a strategic package that enables higher efficiency of teams and can therefore bring better results to the whole business. 

As an important building block of our programs we consider also corporate social responsibility. For that reason we created programs, by which your organisation wins double. Your team gains an excellent teambuilding experience and at the same time your company contributes to the society and local environment. 

We are also the exclusive licensed partner of Catalyst Global for Austria and Slovenia, as well as we execute their programs in other neighboring countries.

In 2011 and 2013 Teambuilding academy was awarded a prestigious award Constantinus Slovenia for the best consulting project in the field of management consulting. The price is awarded every year by Slovenian chamber for management consulting. Additionally, we were nominated for the Constantinus International award for top ten international projects of 2013 in the frame of International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.


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